Activity Log report

The new Activity Log report gives event organizers an easy way to see various actions for your guests. When was someone added to the Guest List? When was someone removed from the Guest List? When did they get marked as confirmed? The Activity Log report makes this information easy to find.

Activity Log reports have five columns: Event Name, Time of Action, Name, Action, and Activity Log. Activity Log takes the information from the four other columns, and turns it into a sentence. Example: "Ryan Speaker added as Unconfirmed to My Great Event! at 2019-02-05 12:05:20". 

The Activity Log does not display email actions for guests, such as Delivered, Opened, or Clicked. That information can be found in the Event Sent Emails report.

Actions you'll find in the Activity Log:

  • Created: Event created (this is the only non-guest action)
  • Added: Guest added to Guest List by any means, including by registration, invitation, and/or ticket transfer.
    • If the guest is added to the Guest List as confirmed, a "Responded" action will appear immediately after the guest's "Added" action.
  • Removed: Guest deleted from Guest List. This action can only be done by someone with access to your event.
  • Responded: Guest status changed, either by the event organizer (Guest List > Guest Invitation) or the guest registering, or confirming/declining an invitation.
  • Checked in: Guest checked in to the event. THis can be done in Guest List > Guest Invitation, or Check-In (iOS and Android).
  • Interacted: Guest performed an EFx action
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