Unsubscribing from and re-subscribing to Event Farm emails

To unsubscribe from future communications, select Unsubscribe at the bottom of an email sent from

Confirm the email address to be unsubscribed, and select Unsubscribe.


To re-subscribe to Event Farm emails, please send a request from the unsubscribed email address to, and ask us to check the unsubscribe list for the email address, and remove it if present.To comply with CAN-SPAM laws, we can only remove an email address from the unsubscribe list if we receive the request from the unsubscribed email.

Event Farm cannot remove email addresses from the Unsubscribe list at the request of an event organizer. If a guest or colleague has unsubscribed, they must follow the process above to be re-subscribed.


For other questions related to unsubscribed emails, please submit a request.

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