Day 4: Building your event site page with Canvas

Your event site will be a significant part of your guest experience - they will learn more about the event and your organization, and ultimately register or RSVP for your event. Canvas, Event Farm’s event site builder, gives you the tools to make fully responsive event- and brand-focused sites.


We have an extensive support section for Canvas - while the details below are good high-level ideas, you can find even more suggestions and how-to's here.

We recommend using one of our templates as a starting point. Why? They are all designed to be fully responsive, with little to no work on your part. Many templates are also a long-form design, which allows guests to scroll through content, rather than having multiple pages requiring guests to click through.

We recommend building your site with the desktop view first, then making edits as needed for tablet and mobile views. Style changes, like font size and background color, will affect the current view and any smaller views. Changing the background color for a section on desktop view will also change the background color for tablet and mobile views. Changing the background color for a section on mobile view, however, will only affect the mobile view. Lastly, structural changes - like adding or removing a section - will affect all views, regardless of which view the change is made on.

Canvas also allows for saving pages as templates. If your events (or some number of your events) will use the same or similar site design, use one of our templates as a starting point, and edit to include brand-specific logos and information. Use Dynamic Elements, which will automatically populate event details. Insert images or text as placeholders, to be replaced for the next event. Then, save the page as a template. When it’s time for your next event, your template will appear in your account right alongside Event Farm’s templates - choose your template, replace the placeholder text and images, and your page is done!

There’s a lot to Canvas, for sure. We recommend setting aside time to request a live training for Canvas, or reviewing a recording of a past training session, to help learn the basics and get up-and-running as quickly as possible.

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