Using Kiosk Mode (iPad only)

Kiosk Mode allows guests to check themselves in. This can speed up check-in, saving guests from having to spell their name to check-in staff. It can also be used to reduce the number of check-in staff needed, in the same way many retailers have one team member watching four to six self-check-out machines.

(The video above does not contain audio, and omits setting up Guided Access.)

Please note: Kiosk Mode is only available for Check-In (iOS), and requires a Full Platform event. Check-In Only events cannot use Kiosk Mode.

Setting up Kiosk Mode

  • Set up Guided Access. This iOS feature "locks" the iPad to one specific app, preventing guests from exiting Check-In (iOS) and using other apps on the iPad.
    • Tip: Create a unique, six-digit passcode that guests won't easily guess.In Check-In (iOS), select the event. Allow the Guest List to fully download
  • Once the Guest List is downloaded, select Menu > Kiosk Mode.
  • Choose your options for Kiosk Mode
    • Allow Self Registration: This allows guests to sign up for the event at the check-in station. If your event will not allow walk-up registrations, this setting should remain disabled. If enabled, choose the Access Type walk-up registrations will be added to.
    • Allow Flexible Search: Flexible search allows guests to type three characters, and any first name, last name, or email address containing those three characters will appear. You are responsible to ensure guest information is used in accordance with your event or organization's privacy policy. If flexible search is disabled, guests must enter the email address they used to register or RSVP for the event.
    • Guest Instructions: This text appears on the Welcome screen, the Check In Here screen, and the Self Registration screen (if enabled).
  • Select Enter Kiosk. A prompt to enter a passcode will appear, and is required. This prevents guests from exiting Kiosk Mode and accessing the full Guest List. Confirm the passcode.
    • Tip: Use the same six-digit passcode as Guided Access, so you don't have to remember two different passcodes when exiting both modes.
  • If you set up Guided Access, enable it by triple-clicking the Home button.
    • Select Hardware Buttons > Options. Sleep/Wake Button should be disabled (white).
    • Select Start and enter a passcode. This passcode prevents the user from exiting Check-In (iOS). Confirm passcode.

Using Kiosk Mode
Once set up, guests will see the Guest Instructions (if any) and "Check In Here". Guests tap Check In Here enter their email address, then Search/Enter. Guests tap their invitation to check in, and are greeted with "Welcome, [Guest Name]". After a few seconds, the app returns to the Welcome screen, to allow the next guest to check in.

If Flexible Search is disabled: Guests must search for their invitation by email address, and it must match the email address provided during the RSVP or registration process.

If Flexible Search is enabled: Guest must enter at least three characters. Any guests with a first name, last name, or email addressing matching those three characters will appear.

If Self Registration is enabled, guests may tap Register Here. Guests must provide their first name, last name, and email address in order to register. At the current time, no other fields can be captured during Self Registration. After completing the form, guests tap Register - they'll see "Welcome, [Guest Name], you're all checked in!" Guests are automatically checked in when self registering - no additional action is needed.

Ending Kiosk Mode and Guided Access

  • To exit Kiosk Mode, double-tap the screen with three fingers and enter the Kiosk Mode passcode you created. After successfully entering the passcode, select "X" to return to the Guest List.
  • To exit Guided Access, triple-click the Home button and enter the Guided Access passcode you created. Select End.
  • If either passcode is forgotten, force restart the iPad. Press and hold both the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons for at least 10 seconds, until you see the Apple logo.

After exiting Kiosk Mode and Guided Access (if enabled), review the Guest List and confirm changes have synced to Event Farm - the Sync Monitor in the top-right will be green if fully synced. If the Sync Monitor is orange or gray, connect to WiFi, open the Guest List, and wait 2-3 minutes for syncing to complete.

Notes about Kiosk Mode
  • Name tags do not print when a guest is checked in using Kiosk Mode.
  • Arrival Alerts will send when a guest is checked in using Kiosk Mode.
  • Guided Access is recommended, as it will prevent guests from exiting Check-In (iOS) - if guests can exit the app, they can access any information stored on the iPad. More importantly, other guests won't be able to check themselves in if the app isn't on-screen!
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