Using Check-In: Before, During, and After an Event

Putting together a successful event requires a lot of time and energy. Guests were sent invitations weeks ago, and many visited your branded registration page to say they are coming to your event! You don't want to squander that excitement with long lines and confusion at check-in locations. The guide aims to ensure your check-in experience is smooth for you and your guests!


  1. Download Check-In for iOS or Android.
  2. Confirm your device is connected to wifi, or has 4-5 bars of LTE cellular data service (4G will require more time to download the Guest List to your device).
  3. Sign in using your Event Farm login information, and select your event. The event's Guest List will automatically download from Event Farm.
  4. Become comfortable checking guests in and out, viewing guest info, adding guests, leaving behind tickets, and applying filters to the Guest List. Familiarize check-in staff with these functions, as well as the sync status in the top-right corner: green means the Guest List is fully synced, orange means data is syncing, and grey means the device is offline or does not have a strong-enough internet connection. A tutorial is available for iOS users - tap the icon with three dots on the bottom bar, and choose Tutorials.
  5. If only one device will be used at the event, or if multiple devices will be used but do not need real-time updates between devices, you're all set!
  6. If multiple devices will be used at the event, and each device will need real-time updates:
    • Confirm a strong, fast wifi network is available, or your device receives 4-5 bars of LTE cellular service, at the event venue. Mobile hotspot devices, and personal hotspots offered on many smartphones, may be suitable alternatives to wifi or built-in cellular service. We strongly recommend testing the internet connection - wifi, LTE, or hotspot - at the event venue prior to the event.
    • As a test, check in one or two guests, to ensure devices are syncing properly. Check-In syncs with Event Farm every 60 seconds while the app is in use, so changes may take 2-3 minutes to reflect on Event Farm and other devices. Swipe (iOS) or tap (Android) on the guests to check them out.


  1. Smile! Time to check in guests and get them inside the event!
  2. Ensure information is syncing between devices (if applicable) - the sync status is green when information from the device is synced to Event Farm.
  3. Use the line graph at the top to determine how many guests have arrived, and how many are still expected. Filter by All Guests, Not Checked In, and Checked In, as well as Access Type and Status (iOS only)


  1. If the device(s) synced information during the event - indicated by the green sync status in the top-right corner - you're all set!

  2. If device(s) did not sync information during the event - indicated by a grey or orange sync status:

    • Connect each device to a wifi network, or has 4-5 bars of LTE cellular data service (4G will require more time to upload the Guest List to Event Farm).

    • Open Check-In, and select the event.

    • Information should sync automatically within 1-2 minutes of opening the event. Pull down to force syncing to start. A progress bar will appear showing sync progress. When complete, the sync status in the top-left corner will be green.

    • Repeat for each device that was used for check-in.


With the event concluded, and all information synced to Event Farm, log in to Event Farm, and go to Reports > Guest Summary Report > Generate Report. This report has all data collected about your guest for your event - personal information such as name and email address, as well as Confirmed status, Check-In status and time of check-in, and any notes or additional information entered.

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