Lead Retrieval

Lead Retrieval allows event organizers to track when guests enter and leave a station, session, or sponsor. Lead Retrieval empowers event organizers to understand how guests engage within the event by providing check-in and check-out data, guest interactions within area(s), and their date of attendance. 

How Lead Retrieval Works
Event organizers provide and scan NFC assets for guests upon initial event check-in using Check-In. The NFC asset will be associated with that guest, and contains all registration information provided such as registered sessions and responses to registration questions. Alternatively, include QR codes in guest confirmation emails.

At each station or session, guests will scan their NFC credential or QR code; guests with access will see a success message and be allowed in. Guests that don't have access will see a no entry message, and won't be allowed in. Entry point access is based on the Access Types created for the event within Event Access.  

What do I need for Lead Retrieval

Prior to event

  1. Event organizers must:
    1. Order NFC asset credentials for event guests. NFC assets can come in wristband, badge, or sticker form. Assets must be ordered a minimum of 5 weeks or more prior to the event start date (typical turnaround time is 5 weeks). (Contact Account Manager for list of current vendors.)
    2. Include QR codes in confirmation emails.
  2. Check-in staff, sponsors and all session areas, must have their own station with any of the following devices: 
    • iPhone 8 or newer
  3. All devices must have Event Farm's EFx app downloaded 
  4. Event organizers or optionally sponsors can control messaging on display screens for devices. This includes what guests see on the initial screen, and the success and error screens, and messaging guests see when NFC credential or QR code is scanned.
    • Screen Display assets must be 1920 x 1080 pixels and can be uploaded directly via the iOS EFx app by selecting the event > Settings (widget located on the top right of the app) > enter Admin Pin > select Lead Retrieval > select the Station > select Background Views image > Background View Configuration, select the + symbol on the top right to choose the file from your iPhone or iPad. 

How do I set it up within iOS EFx app

  • Log into EFx (iOS) > select your event > select the options menu (gear icon) > enter the event's admin pin.
  • Tap Lead Retrieval > "+" to create new Check-In/Check-Out stations.
  • Tap the station
    • Edit the Station Name
    • Background Views
      • To edit, tap on Scan, Success, or Error screen. Swipe to switch between Scan, Success, and Error.
        • Scan: The screen guests will see before scanning their NFC asset or QR code
        • Success: The screen guests will see if they successfully complete a scan AND they registered or RSVP'd for an Allowed Access Type
        • Error: The screen guests will see if the scan is unsuccessful OR they are not registered or RSVP'd for an Allowed Access Type
        • Background View assets should be 1920 x 1080 pixels.
      • Scan Message: This message appears over your background.
      • Scan Message Color: The color of text for your Scan Message. Must be a HEX value.
      • To add a new background, tap "+", and choose the background from Photos or Files in iOS.
    • Station Type
      • CheckInOut allows guests to check-in to, and check-out from, the station
    • Allowed Access Types
      • Select the Access Types that are allowed at this station. Only guests registered or RSVP'd with that Access Type will be allowed into the station.

How do I set up for the event

Prior to the event, your team should download EFx onto all iPhone devices that will be used as Check-In / Check-Out stations. Log into the app, and test scanning an NFC asset or QR code to make sure it's accurately allowing guests in (or keeping them out). Share this process with your staff, and make sure they are prepared to handle questions from guests, like what they should do if a guest insists they should be allowed in.

At the event, make it clear where guests should line up to get checked in. If using iPads, set up your iPads (with external NFC readers) in a location that will be easy for guests to tap their asset.

Open EFx on the device > select the event > Lead Retrieval > select the appropriate station. And start letting guests check in! 

How do I receive attendee data
Contact Account Manager to receive data in a CSV file, which you can then sort and filter using Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.




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