Using QR codes

A QR Code consists of black and white squares that is readable by the camera on smartphones and tablets. QR codes can only be read using Check-In (iOS).


Using QR Codes creates an interactive check-in experience for guests, and an easy way for staff to check guests in.  

To create a QR Code, select the [INVITE_QR_CODE] Dynamic Element from the list, add it to the body of your Confirmation or Send a Message, Message Type email(s). Depending on your email design, the QR Code will automatically display in the body of the email.

Each Confirmed, Registered, Purchased or Assigned guest is provided a unique QR Code upon receipt of the Confirmation or Send a Message email sent from Event Farm.

To check-in guests using QR Codes, instruct guests to display the QR Code on their smartphone, then your Check-In staff should follow the instructions below:

Check-In (iOS) app:

  1. Make sure you are logged in and the desired event is selected
  2. Select Menu
  3. QR Reader (Must allow “Event Check-in” to access device Camera)
  4. Place QR Code within the square on the camera of device

Note: QR Codes are only available for full platform events as it is requires a Confirmation or Send a Message email to be sent from Event Farm. The QR code Dynamic Element does not work when selecting to Send Yourself a Test email as they require a guest to be on the Guest List with an affirmative status (Confirmed, Registered, Purchased and Assigned).

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