Using Check-In Notes

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Check-In Notes are short notes about guests, and are displayed as guests are checked in. Check-In Notes can contain any information that is relevant to your guest, and that is useful to the staffer during the check-in process - table numbers are frequently placed in this field. They are only visible if a note has been created for your guest, and are not visible to the guest.

A Check-In Note can be added to an invitation by uploading a completed guest list and adding a Check-In Notes column. Notes can also be added after a guest has been invited - select the guest in Guest List > Guest Invitation > add a Check-In Note > Save Invitation.

Check-In Notes may contain up to 500 characters. Some special characters, such as ®, ©, and ™, may be counted as multiple characters.

When a guest is checked in using Check-In, the note will appear as an alert notification, and can be viewed later by tapping the guest's name. If a guest has a Check-In Note, an icon will appear to the right (iOS) or left (Android) of their name.

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