Adding a countdown

To add a map to a page:

  1. Select the Components Manager Icon in the top right corner of the Canvas page.
  2. Under Event Gadgets, grab the Countdown block and drag it to the desired location of the template. Use the green indicator to help choose the location of the countdown. If the green indicator is before (or left) an element, the countdown will be at the top. If the green indicator is at the end (or right), the countdown will be below the element.

The countdown will show the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the Event Start Time, set in Event Info & Settings > Edit Event Details.

To remove an unwanted section, select the title ("Seconds") > select the Up arrow until both the title and the number are selected > select the Delete icon. Note that removing a larger section does not cause the next-smallest section to refactor the time remaining. Example: If an event start time is 1 day and 13 hours away, and "Days" is deleted, "Hours" will still show "13 hours".

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