Using the Contact Form Button

The guest experience should always allow ways for guests to get in touch with you - they may have questions your emails and event site don't answer. The Contact Form Button can be placed on your event site and allow guests an easy way to reach out to your team.

When a guest selects the Contact Form Button on your site, the form loads within a modal, similar to the registration or RSVP form. The form reads:

Contact [EVENT_NAME]

Please contact us with any questions you may have.


The text that appears on the Contact Form cannot be edited.

Guests must enter their name, email address, and subject, and their message. When they select Submit, their request will be emailed to the event's contact email address (found under Event Info & Settings, and changed in Edit Event Details).

If you'd prefer a simple "Contact Us" link instead of a button, see How to link to an email address.


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