Why are my Dynamic Elements not populating on my event site?

1. Make sure that you have provided data for those elements. For example, if your event does not have a location or Twitter handle set in Event Info & Settings, these dynamic elements will render blank space on the page

2. Check that you are using a valid dynamic element. For a list of all valid dynamic elements, in your Canvas editor, create or edit a text element on the page and select your dynamic element from the available dropdown

3. Check that you are formatting your dynamic element correctly. Adding extra characters, such as spaces, inside of the element will cause it not to populate. Additionally, the proper bracket format is two curly brackets `{{` before the element, and two closing curly brackets `}}` after the element. More or fewer curly brackets, or using a different type of bracket, will not work.

Note: If one of your elements is invalid, no other elements will render on the page.

4. Avoid using curly brackets `{` `}` elsewhere on your page. These are special characters. Using them within text boxes, such as in place of parentheses, will cause your other elements to render improperly.

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