How do I add a calendar link to my email?

While Macs, iPhones, and iPads allow users to make a calendar event by tapping the event's date and time within an email, most email programs do not have this feature. Because of this, you may want to add links within a confirmation email, or the Confirmation Display Message, so guests can easily add the event to their calendar of choice.



  • Under Event Info, click the calendar icon next to "When [Date and Time]"
  • Options for Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Yahoo Calendar
    • Apple Calendar will create a .ICS file, which is the standard used by Outlook, Calendar for Mac and iOS, and other calendar programs
    • Google and Yahoo will take a user to their respective account to add the event to their calendar
  • Right-click the calendar option you want, then copy the link
  • In your email design or web page, add some text, like, "Download to Outlook" > highlight text > Insert Link > paste the copied calendar link
  • Repeat for the other calendar options, if desired

Worth noting: the ICS file format doesn't like commas, and turns them into a forward slash. If you download the ICS file and see "/" where you'd expect to see a comma, that is a limitation of the ICS file format, and not an Event Farm issue. The solution is to remove the comma from Event Farm.

(This is common if you have an address set for your event, or a comma in the event name, but may present itself elsewhere in the ICS file.)

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