Address Book FAQ

Are my previous Address Book Contacts, and Groups transferred to this new Address Book?
Yes! All existing Groups, and Contact information is available in the new and improved Address Book. 

What information is needed to create contacts in my Address Book?
All contacts require at least First Name, Last Name, and Email.

I am on multiple team accounts, which Address Book will I see?
The Address Book that will be visible on the left navigation bar will belong to the account that is currently selected in Pool Selection dropdown. Switching the account under Pool Selection will switch to the Address Book that corresponds to that account. 

Who can see the contacts, and groups within my Address Book?
Anyone that has access to the team account selected in Pool Selection can see Address Book Contacts. This includes people that are added to specific events regardless of the user role that is granted to them. Address Book Groups are specific to the user.

Can I search a contact within a group in my Address Book?
No, only a contact or group can be searched at a single time. Clearing information from search bar will clear the filtered results.

How are my search results returned?
Search results are displayed alphabetically.

Can I view Waitlist information for a contact in Address Book?
No, waitlist information is not available within the Address Book. Waitlist information is available within each event. For more information, see Reports Overview.

How do I view a contact's activity and/or invitations?
Find or search the contact, select the menu icon (...) under Actions, select View/Edit Contact > Activity.

Can I make changes to the Guest Invitation within Address Book?
Yes! Select a contact > View/Edit Contact > Invitations > Edit.

Can I add multiple contacts to the same group at the same time?
Yes! Up to 1000 contacts can be added to a group in a single action.

Can I delete multiple contacts at the same time?
You cannot bulk delete contacts. Contacts can be deleted individually by selecting menu > Delete Contact, as long as they do not have any future invitations. This action cannot be undone.



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