Adjusting ticket quantities and availability

After creating tickets, there may be a need to adjust the number of tickets available, or change when tickets begin or are no longer available. Follow the steps below to make these changes.

Increase or Decrease the number of tickets available

  1. Select Event Info & Settings > Event Access
  2. Select Edit next to the ticket for which you want to update
  3. Update the number in Quantity
  4. Save

Change when tickets are available
Ticket registrations can be extended or closed by adjusting the Ticket's Availability End date and time.

Selecting a past end date or time will immediately close ticket availability - guests will no longer be able to RSVP, register, or purchase. Selecting a future End date and time extends ticket availability, and will close automatically at the selected date and time.

To change when tickets are available, go to Event Info & Settings > Event Access > select Edit next to the ticket > adjust End date and time> Save.


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