Getting Started with Check-In Only events

The guide provides a walkthrough for Check-In Only events.

Create an account
Sign-up and begin creating an account using our Check-In (iOS) or Green Plum (Android) apps. Your first event - up to 500 guests - is free.

An email will be sent to you, with a link to create a password and finalize account creation.

Download the Guest List template
Use our Guest List template to prepare guest information for Event Farm. A list must be uploaded with a Ticket Type (typically “General Admission” or “GA”) before guests can be added individually. The Guest List cannot contain custom fields. Table numbers, hotel rooms, meal preferences, and other information is best-suited for the Check-In Notes field.

Create an event
Select New Event > choose Check-In Only > Create. Populate all fields, and click Create Event. View the Create A New Event, Or Copy An Existing Event article for additional details.

Upload the Guest List
Log in to Event Farm and select your event > Event Configuration > Event Info > Upload List > Choose File > Upload.

The Guest List must be in CSV or XLSX format. The system will analyze the file before displaying your guest information.

View the Guest List and add additional guests
View Guest List Management > Guest List to verify the list has successfully uploaded. To view or edit a guest, select a guest > Guest Invitation to view their information. Select Remove to take the guest off the list. Add additional guests using Invite/Add Guest.

Download the Check-In or Green Plum app
Check-In (iOS) offers a modern design, swipe-based gestures, and improved performance regardless of internet connectivity.

Green Plum (Android) offers a similar experience to Check-In (iOS), with a new design and improved performance.

Check-In (Android) is the traditional, original check-in experience. It offers additional features not yet available in Green Plum.

For more information on the differences between these three apps, click here.

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