Loading a guest list to Event Farm

The information in this support article is no longer relevant as of October 17, 2017. If a link or search has brought you here, please find current information about loading lists here: Adding and Inviting Guests

Check-In Only events may also find this support article helpful: Getting Started with Check-In Only Events


 Before uploading your guest list, or if you encounter issues while uploading your guest list, please refer to the Guest List upload template for formatting and file type information.

For Check-In Only events, select the event > Event Info > Upload List > select your CSV, XLS, or XLSX guest list file.

For Full Platform events, select the event > Guest List > Invite/Add Guest > Invite Group > select your CSV, XLS, or XLSX guest list file > Select the Number of Guests per Invitation, Type of Invitation, and Invitation Delivery Option > Create Invitations.

Your list will be processed, and will appear when finished. Verify that your fields match the field names at the top of the window and click “Continue.”

Some columns may show “What is this?” in red. Click on “What is this?” to select the field in Event Farm with which to sync the information from your list. Any information not linked to an Event Farm field will not be uploaded.

Some names may be highlighted in red, with a question mark appearing to the left of the name. Hover over the question mark to see the error. Guests highlighted in red will not be uploaded to Event Farm unless the error is corrected.

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