Using Check-In Notes

Check-In Notes are short notes about guests, and are displayed as guests are checked in. Check-In Notes can contain any information that is relevant to your guest, and that is useful to the staffer during the check-in process - table numbers are frequently placed in this field. They are only visible if a note has been created for your guest, and are not visible to the guest.

A Check-In Note can be added to an invitation by uploading a completed guest list and adding a Check-In Notes column. Notes can also be added after a guest has been invited - select the guest in Guest List > Guest Invitation > add a Check-In Note > Save Invitation.

Check-In Notes may contain up to 500 characters. Some special characters, such as ®, ©, and ™, may be counted as multiple characters.

When a guest is checked in using Check-In (iOS) or Green Plum (Android), the note will appear as an alert notification, and can be viewed later by tapping the guest's name. An icon appears to the right of the guest's name if they have a Check-In Note.

When a guest is checked in using Check-In (Android), the note will appear at the top of the guest list, and can be viewed later by tapping the arrow to the right of a guest’s name. If notes are not appearing in Check-In (Android), ensure Offline Mode is disabled - Settings > Offline Mode? does not have a checkmark.

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