Event Utilities overview

Event Utilities are additional settings and tools to help manage an event.

Add Invitation From Non-Event Farm Transaction
Add guest information, payment type, and amount for purchases made outside of Event Farm.

Use Online Will Call
Check in guests using a web browser instead of the Check-In app. Allows for searching and filtering guests, as well as Leave Behinds. Commonly used to check in guests on a Windows or Mac computer, but also works in the web browser for iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Windows Surface. Online Will Call requires an active internet connection.

Re-send Invitations to Unconfirmed Guests
Re-send invitations to any guests on the Guest List with an Unconfirmed Status. This will include Unconfirmed guests for Ticket Blocks. Exclude guests invited within a set number of days using the dropdown menu.

Remove All Invitations/Tickets From This Event
Removes all guests from the Guest List, including any guests invited through a Ticket Block. This action cannot be undone.

Archive Event
Archiving an event hides it from the Event Dashboard, even if the option to show all events is selected. Archived events only appear when Dashboard > Date > Only Show Archived is selected. It is not possible to delete an event - archiving allows an event to be made active again, so no information is lost.

Invitation Blacklist
Exclude domains and email addresses from being sent invitations for the event, or for any events in the account.

Geo-Restrict Access
Requires a guest to be in a listed region or country in order to RSVP, register, or purchase tickets for the event. If a guest is outside a listed region or country, when they attempt to RSVP, register, or purchase, they will see the following message: "Sorry! Registration for this event is restricted to a specific region."

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