Designing emails

Creating an email design in Event Farm depends on your organization’s goals for branding, the creative assets your design team prepares, and whether or not you intend to use the same design elements across multiple events in Event Farm.

There are three common ways to create email designs.

Inserting the completed invitation as a graphic
Create the invitation design in Photoshop or another graphics editing program. The image should be no more than 800 pixels wide, and must be saved as a JPEG or PNG file.

Go to the event > Email Center > Email Designs > New Email Design > Insert Image > select the image > select Image Width > Add Image. Select the image, and use the tools to adjust the size and alignment, and add the [INVITE_LINK] or other URL.

Designing header, content, and footer sections
The goal here is to create an easy-to-edit email template for all events in with the same branding components. To do this, you will need a header and footer image, each no more than 800 pixels wide (height should be about one-quarter of width) and in JPEG or PNG format.

Go to the event > Email Center > Email Designs > New Email Design > Insert Table > 3 x 1. Select the first row, then Insert Image > select the header image > select Image Width > Add Image. Select the third row, then Insert Image > select the footer image > select Image Width > Add Image. The second row is the content section - type your message, and add Dynamic Elements, images, or links.

To center content within a table, select the table cell > select Horizontal Align > Align Center.

Event Specific Layouts built by our development team
Custom development work can include links to social media icons in the footer, as well as designs that include borders. All custom development requests are handled by Event Farm’s development team and require up to 72 business hours to implement. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more details, as there are specific guidelines for the artwork, and if not covered under your contract, will require an additional fee.

Ensure any emails created are set to "Event Specific Layout," so the custom design shows in your emails.

Notes and Tips
To create multiple identical email designs in an event, hover over a design > select the Duplicate button

To bring an email design from a previous event into the current event, select Copy Design From Another Event, and choose the previous event and email design to copy.

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