Email Communication overview

Email Communication is the place to create and edit invitations and other emails sent to guests, as well as view statistics about those emails.

Email Designs
Create a new email design, edit a saved email design, or select an email design from a past event using Copy Design From Another Event.

Guest Messaging
Connect your Invitation, Confirmation, and Declination email designs to the appropriate Access Type. When guests are invited, confirm, or decline for an Invitation Access Type, or confirm for a Public Registration Access Type, the email design associated with the Access Type will be sent to the guest.

Guest Messaging
Create a one-time message, such as an event reminder or post-event thank you, to send guests. These messages are sent directly to guests, cannot have an invitation link, and are not saved (unless created and saved first in Email Designs). 

Schedule a message, such as an event reminder or post-event thank you, to be sent to guests. Choose a time, email to send (must be Message Type: Send a Message), and Invitation Status(es) of guests to receive the message.

Select the Design Name to edit the email design, or Delete to delete the scheduled message. Edits cannot be made to the Recipients, Scheduled Time, or Invitation Status once the message is scheduled. To make changes, delete the Scheduled message, then re-schedule the message with the correct options.

Scheduled messages can only be deleted by the Event User who scheduled the message.

Scheduled messages are sent in batches, and messages sent to larger groups may be received by guests later than the scheduled time.

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