Editing guest information and responses

Invitation by RSVP guests 
Guests invited by RSVP can change their response(s) if Event Settings > Guests Can Change Their Response is enabled. This option is enabled by default for each event. The guest can click the invitation link in their invitation email, to change their name (if Event Settings > Allow Original Invitee Name Change is enabled - off by default), and responses to any Guest Questions. Email address cannot be edited, as it is linked to their invitation.

The Event Organizer can make changes to guest information and responses under Guest List > select guest > select Guest, Guest Invitation, or Guest Responses, depending on which information needs updated.

Registered and Purchased guests
Guests cannot change their registration or ticket purchase.

Tickets can be made transferable under Tickets, Invitations, Registrations > How are you giving it out? > Edit, enabling guests to transfer their ticket to another guest at the time of purchase.  Also, a Transfer Link is available under Event Info.  If you are allowing guests to transfer their tickets, we recommend adding the Transfer link to the event’s confirmation email.

Guests will not be able to access or make changes to their registration, other than ticket transfers, after completing registration.

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