Guest List upload template

This template provides an easy way to upload your guests to Event Farm, whether it is for a Check-In Only event, or to create a Group in Address Book - which can later be used to send out invitations and emails to guests.

First and last names, or email address, are required. If sending invitations, it is best for each guest to have a unique email address, instead of using the same email address for multiple invitations. Event Farm does not allow custom fields - if additional information needs to be viewable, we recommend using the Check-In Notes field (see Additional Notes below).

Custom fields are not supported by Event Farm, and will not be uploaded to Event Farm. Adding fields not recognized by Event Farm may increase the required time to upload the list.

Check In Only
The Check In Only template has the most common fields used for Check-In Only events: First Name, Last Name, Email, Ticket Type, Quantity, Check-In Notes, and Arrival Alert.

Remove any unused fields prior to uploading.

After completing the template, go to the event, then Event Info > Upload List.

Full Platform
The Full Platform template has every field available to upload. Fields include: Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Email, Status, Position, Company, Address 1, Address 2, City, State, Postal Code, Country, Telephone, Check-In Notes, and Arrival Alert.

Remove any unused fields prior to uploading.

After completing the template, go to the event, then Guest List > Invite/Add Guest > Invite Group. Select the file, choose the number of invitations and Ticket Type, and Invitation Delivery Method. Select Create Invitations, and follow the additional prompts.

Additional Notes
The file must be in the CSV, XLS, or XLSX format prior to uploading.

The Quantity column is available for Check-In Only events using the Upload List feature. If uploading a list using Guest List > Invite/Add Guest, ticket quantity is set during the invitation process. The Quantity column must contain a number. If each guest will receive one ticket, the Quantity column may be removed.

Our system recognizes the following Statuses, if you choose to utilize the Status column: Confirmed by RSVP, Unconfirmed, Declined by RSVP, Registered, Not Yet Registered, Purchased, Not Yet Purchased, and Assigned.

Check-In Notes may contain up to 500 characters. Some special characters, such as ®, ©, and ™, may be counted as multiple characters.

For information about which fields are viewable in the Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android) apps, click here.

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