Guest Questions overview

When guests RSVP or register for an event, first and last name, as well as email address, are required. With Guest Questions, gather additional information during the RSVP or registration process.

Guest Information to Collect
Check the box next to the following options to make them required fields when registering:

Job Title / Position
Address / City / State
Phone Number

This information can be gathered and made optional, by following the process to add a question. Make Question Required should be unchecked.

Add a Question
Select Add New Question to create a question and applicable options. Click and drag on the question number to rearrange questions. Select Preview to see how questions will be presented when guests register.

Question Text: Type the question here.
Answer Type: The format in which guests will provide answer

Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, Dropdown: Requires answer options to be entered when creating. Answer Options can be rearranged by clicking and dragging the up/down arrows to the left of the option. Checkboxes and Dropdowns can be optional, but Radio Button questions are required.
Paragraph, Short Answer: A larger text entry field, or a single line text entry field
Select Date: A calendar. Select the left and right arrows to advance through months and years. Click on the year to type in the year. Dates are formatted YYYY-MM-DD.
Sign Waiver: Waiver or release informing your guests of information they must acknowledge prior to RSVP or registration. Waivers cannot be made optional, and guests must type their first and last name as shown on the registration page to accept the waiver.

Ticket Type: Each question can be asked for all Access Types, or one Ticket Type. (If a question needs to be asked of multiple Ticket Types but not all Ticket Types, create multiple questions and make each question required for each Ticket Type.)
Make Question Required: If checked, the question must be answered.
Individual Response Needed: Requires responses for each guest. If two guests are invited, answers to all questions must be provided for both.

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