Event Options

Forced Distribution: Requires guests to enter first and last name, as well as email, for each ticket purchased. Ticket Stack must be transferable.

Allow for Invitation Reveal: Requires guests to enter their email address, and if it matches an email address in Guest List, guests will be taken to the registration page. The Invitation Reveal link appears in Event URLs, and can be used in invitation emails.

Allow Original Invitee Name Change: Allows invited guests to change their first and last name when registering.

Guests Can Be Invited More Than Once: Allows an organizer or ticket block to invite a guest who has been invited through a different list. Disable this option to ensure guests are not invited more than once.

Guests Can Change Their Response: Allows guests to change their RSVP and Guest Questions responses.

Required Order Size: Set the minimum number of tickets a guest must select, and/or the maximum number of tickets a guest can select, per order.

Display Public Options on Invite: Allows guests to see public registration and purchase options when responding to their invitation.

Accepted Cards: Choose the credit cards that can be accepted for ticket purchases. Event Farm accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Donation Settings: Allows guests to make a donation with their purchase or registration. Create a message to be displayed on the registration page, as well as donation amounts.

Ticket Shipping: Allows or requires guests to provide shipping and billing addresses for their ticket and other event items. Enter the shipping charge.

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