Event Settings overview

Event Info
When and where the event will take place, as well as the event’s contact email address (for guest questions) and tags.

Event URLs
Public Site: The web page guests will visit to register for the event
Public Email: The email address that will appear in the From field of invitations

  • To edit the Public Site URL, select Edit URL. The Public Site and Public Email are linked - editing the URL also changes the Public Email. Changing the URL after invitations have been sent will cause the links within those emails to no longer work.

Transfer: This link allows a ticket holder to transfer their ticket to someone else (if “Are these transferable?” is set to yes for the Ticket Type.)
Waiting List: This link allows someone to enter their name for a waiting list

Event Users
Event Users are the people who have access to that event. Each user has a permission level, which affects what information they can access within the event.

  • Organizer: Can change any setting or option within Event Farm, Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android).
  • Read Only: Can view all aspects of the event within Event Farm, Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android), but cannot make any changes. Useful for someone who needs information about the event but not the ability to change information, such as a logistics manager.
  • Support: Can view Ticket Types and Stacks, event details, and Event Settings. Can change entries to Address Book and Guest List, send emails, process payments and refunds, and generate reports. Can add or edit guest information using Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android). Useful for someone assisting the Event Manager.
  • Check In Staff: Can view event details and Guest List, and check guests in using Online Will Call, Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android). Check In Staff cannot add guests within Event Farm nor with Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), or Check-In (Android). Useful for a third-party or volunteer handling check-in, who will not need to make any changes.
  • Assistant: Can change most settings and options within Event Farm, except event details, Ticket Types and Stacks, and Event Users. Can check guests in using Online Will Call, and has full access to Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), and Check-In (Android).
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