Editing event information

Information about an event can be edited at any time, under Event Configuration > Event Info > Edit Event Details.

Event Name: Change the name of the event
Location Name: Provide or change the name of the location where the event will take place
Location Address: Provide or change the address for the location where the event will take place
Map Source: Show the Location Address on a map. Options are Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or Bing Maps
Event Email Address: The email address Event Farm and guests will use to contact you with questions about the event
Facebook Page: Provide a link to the Facebook page for a company, organization, or event
Instagram Handle: Provide an Instagram handle guests can include when posting photos on Instagram
Event Tags: Create hashtags for guests to use when posting about the event on social media
Start and End Times: Choose the time the event will begin, and the time it will end. Both Start and End Times are required
Time Zone: The time zone in which the event will take place
Event Description: A brief description of the event
Browser Window Title: The name that will appear at the top of the web browser, or tab, when guests load the event page
Language: Choose the language for the event. Options are: English, German, Spanish (European), Spanish (South American), Chinese (Mandarin), Chinese (Traditional), French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Thai
Twitter handle: The Twitter account to which guests can send tweets

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