Address Book overview

Address Book is available inside an event, and is the place to find guest and contact information, including the events to which they have been invited.

If Groups is highlighted in the sidebar, Search will find Groups matching the criteria. If Contacts is highlighted in the sidebar, Search will find names or email addresses matching the criteria.

A group is a list of contacts, and makes sending invites to those contacts possible with just a few clicks.

  • Create new Group
    Name: Each group should have a unique, easy-to-identify name
    Upload Group: Upload a completed Guest List template
  • Groups
    Click a group to see the contacts it contains
    Details: Shows the group name, number of contacts, and creation date
    Actions: Edit the name of the group, export contact information, or remove the group

Displays a list of all contacts, including contacts added individually or as part of a spreadsheet upload

  • Create new Contact
    Available fields: First name, Last name, Email address, Company, Position, Title, Telephone, Address, City, State, Zip code, Country, and Other
  • Contacts
    Click a contact to view or edit their information, view their invitation activity (Registered, RSVP, Unconfirmed and other statuses as a percentage of total invitations), view and edit invitation details, and see to which groups the contact is connected
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