Create a new event, or copy an existing event

Event Farm offers two event types: Full Platform, and Check-In Only.

Full Platform events allow for creating invitations and an online registration page, ticket management, adding guests, sending event-focused emails (reminders before and follow-ups after an event), using Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), or Check-In (Android) to check in guests during an event, and generating reports post-event.

Check-In Only events allow for:

  • Uploading a list of guests
  • Using Check-In (iOS), Green Plum (Android), or Check-In (Android)
  • Generating reports post-event.

To create a new event, log into Event Farm and select New Event. Select Full Platform or Check-In Only, and fill in all fields.

Event Name: The name of the event
Vanity URL (Full Platform only): A customized page for guests to register and learn about the event
Event Email: An email address Event Farm and guests will use to contact you with questions about the event
Event Start and End Date & Time: Choose the time the event will begin, and the time it will end. Start and End Times are both required
Event Time Zone: The time zone in which the event will occur
Copy Event Details (Full Platform only): Copy an event. Brings over ticket types, web pages, email designs, and more, from a previous event. This makes it easier to get started if a new event has many of the same details as a previous event.

To copy an event, follow the steps above, then select Copy Event Details when entering event information.

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