Check-In Only FAQs

How many guests can I have on the Guest List for my event?
Up to 500 for your free event, and up to 3500 guests for paid events.

What do I get access to with each event?
- Uploading of guests to Event Farm
- Event Check-In (iOS) and Green Plum (Android) to check in guests during the event
- Customizable reports post-event

We also have two great walkthroughs for Check-In Only customers:
Getting Started with Check-In Only Events
Using Event Check-In (IOS) And Green Plum (Android): Before, During, And After An Event

I hold a number of events. Can I buy a package of events (and is there a discount for doing so?)
We do offer an unlimited package for Check-In Only events. Click here to be contacted by a member of our Sales Team, who will help find the best package for your event needs.

HELP! I need help! What do I do?
Check-In Only customers use Submit a Request - our Support team will be in touch as quickly as possible, no longer than 24 business hours - Monday through Friday, 9am to 7pm Eastern.

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