Pages within Event Farm are not loading

Perform the following troubleshooting steps, in the following order, if the Event Farm page or specific tabs will not load. If these steps do not resolve the issue, please Submit a Request, and include the steps already taken, and what occurred after taking each step.

  1. Ensure you are using a recommended web browser for Event Farm.
  2. Refresh the web page using keyboard shortcuts (this reloads the webpage in a different way than reloading the page, or closing the web browser and revisiting the page.)
    • Chrome on Mac: Command+Shift+R
    • Chrome on PC: Control+Shift+R
    • Safari (Mac) and Microsoft Edge (Windows 10) do not have a similar function. If using one of these two browsers, please download and attempt with Chrome.
  3. Log out of Event Farm, and close the web browser window
    • On Mac, with the web browser open, press Command+Q
    • On PC, close the web browser window.
    • Log back in
  4. Use Event Farm on a personal computer or tablet, using a non-company-controlled Wifi network (or 4G / LTE, if built into your device.) Some company networks have more stringent security policies that can block certain elements in the platform.
  5. Clear ALL web browsing data, excluding passwords (if given the option):
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