Creating groups and uploading lists to Address Book

Creating groups and uploading lists in Address Book is simple and fast.

To create a group without adding contacts
From the sidebar, select Address Book > Create New Group. Enter a group name, then Save Group.

To upload a list of contacts

  1. Download the Guest List upload template, and enter information about your contacts in the spreadsheet.
  2. From the sidebar, select Address Book, then Upload Group.
  3. Enter a new group name for a new group, or type the name of an existing group. Group names that match will appear - select an existing group to upload contacts to that group.
  4. Select Choose a File or Browser > select your list > Process File.
  5. Preview Upload displays progress analyzing the list, before displaying a preview of headers and information. The previews shows the number of valid records, as well as the number of duplicates, and errors. Select Complete Upload to continue, or Cancel.Address_Book_uploader_preview.png

  6. Once complete, Event Farm displays the number of duplicate entries and the number of errors - each has a corresponding spreadsheet that can be downloaded - as well as the number of contacts successfully uploaded.Address_Book_-_Uploader_-_Upload_Complete.png
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