Creating groups and uploading lists to Address Book

Creating groups and uploading lists in Address Book has a new look and feel, as well as dramatically improved performance.

To create a group
Select an event > Address Book > Upload Group.

To upload a list of contacts

  1. Download the Guest List upload template, and enter information about your contacts.
  2. Enter a new group name for a new group, or type the name of an existing group, and select it from the list that will appear.
  3. Select Choose a File or Browser > select your list > Process File.
  4. Preview Upload displays progress analyzing the list, before displaying a preview of headers and information. The previews shows the number of valid records, as well as the number of duplicates, and errors. Select Complete Upload to continue, or Cancel.Address_Book_uploader_preview.png

  5. Once complete, Event Farm displays the number of duplicate entries and the number of errors - each has a corresponding spreadsheet that can be downloaded - as well as the number of contacts successfully uploaded.Address_Book_-_Uploader_-_Upload_Complete.png
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