What happened to the file manager in Email Center?

With the 6.5 update on August 17, 2017, the File Manager was removed from the email editor. While some clients stored images they used repeatedly, we found most clients did not.

By removing the File Manager, the process of uploading and inserting an image is dramatically faster. The new process is even faster than inserting an image already uploaded to the File Manager in the previous version.

Previous version: Upload and insert an image Previous version: Insert an image already uploaded to File Manager New version: Upload and insert an image
~40 seconds ~20 seconds ~15 seconds
10 clicks 5 clicks 5 clicks

What does the removal of the File Manager mean for managing images used in emails?

  • Images will need to be organized and saved on users' computers. If multiple people need access to the same images, consider using Dropbox, Google Drive, or another online storage service.

  • If there are images stored by Event Farm you don't otherwise have access to, you can still download them! Go to Web Presence > enable Design Layout and select Design Layout > Header > Choose a Header Image. This brings up the File Manager. Hover over the folder or image > select the box in the lower corner of the folder or image > Manage > Download. Items must be downloaded one at a time.

  • To upload an image in the new Email Center, when editing an email, select Insert Image > Choose File > select an Image Width > Add Image. That's it!

We believe this change will be a big benefit for our clients, as the process is significantly faster, requires fewer clicks, and puts users in control of their images.


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