Information is not syncing from Check-In (iOS) or Green Plum (Android) to Event Farm

Check-In (iOS) and Green Plum (Android) syncs data every 60 seconds, as long as the device has a strong Wifi or 4G/LTE connection. Information syncs from the device to Event Farm, and then syncs from Event Farm to additional devices. Devices may be on different 60-second cycles, so it may take 2-3 minutes for changes to appear on all devices.

If the app has been open at least 60 seconds and information is not syncing:

  • Ensure the device has a strong Wifi or 4G/LTE connection
    • Mobile hotspot devices, and personal hotspots offered on many smartphones, may be suitable alternatives to Wifi or built-in cellular service. If the device is not syncing while connected to a mobile or personal hotspot, connect to Wifi.
  • Pull down on the Guest List to force a refresh.
  • Force-quit the app - on iPhone, double-tap the Home button, and swipe up on app's preview - and re-open. Wait 60 seconds for the sync to begin.

If the "Something is Blocking Sync" error is appearing:

  • Capture the guest information else, and tap "Undo"
    • A screenshot is the quickest way to capture the guest information and save for later. On iPhone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button on the top or side of your device, then immediately press and release the Home button.
  • In many cases, the guest information is stored and synced to Event Farm. Post-event, log in to Event Farm > select the event > Guest List > confirm the guest appears here. If not, use Invite/Add Guest to add them to the Guest List.


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